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czy ktos moze mi pomoc
witam mam problem n jakiej mapie bym nie grał pogram zapisze i pozniej nie moge wejsc
Taka tam sobie reklama.
Pewnie wina jakiegoś moda
GIANTS Engine Runtime 7.0.0 (14220) 64bit (Build Date: Feb 17 2017)
Copyright © 2008-2016, GIANTS Software GmbH (giants-software.com), All Rights Reserved.
Copyright © 2003-2016, Christian Ammann and Stefan Geiger, All Rights Reserved.
Application: FarmingSimulator2017
Main System
CPU: Intel® Core™ i5-5200U CPU @ 2.20GHz
Memory: 6058 MB
OS: Windows NT 6.3 64-bit
Physics System
Version: 5.9.5
Thread(s): 2
Input System
Keyboard enabled
Mouse enabled
Gamepad/Joystick enabled
Force Feedback disabled
Audio System
Driver: OpenAL
Version: 1.1
Device: Generic Software
Render System
Driver: Direct 3D 11
Card Vendor: AMD/ATI
Renderer: AMD Radeon R5 M330
Version: (29.9.2016)
Revision: 131
Feature level: DirectX 11 ON
Info: Effective window resolution 1280 x 720
Started 2 threads for threadpool 'Render threadpool'
Hardware Profile
Level: Medium (forced)
View Distance Factor: 1.000000
Shadow Quality: 1.000000 Size: 2048 Filter-Size: 4
Shader Quality: 1
Skip Mipmaps: 1
LOD Distance Factor: 1.000000
Terrain LOD Distance Factor: 1.000000
Terrain Normal Mapping: Yes
Foliage View Distance Factor: 1.000000
Foliage Density: 0.500000
Volume Mesh Tessellation Factor: 1.000000
Tyre Tracks Segments Factor: 1.000000
Max. Number of Shadow Lights: 1
Max. Number of Lights: 512
Max. Number of Lights Per Cluster: 32
Farming Simulator 17
Version: 1.4.4RC8
Available Languages: pl cz
Language: pl
Time: 2017-07-11 13:06:31
Register configuration 'inputAttacherJoint'
Register configuration 'attacherJoint'
Register configuration 'frontloader'
Register configuration 'motor'
Register configuration 'baseColor'
Register configuration 'wheel'
Register configuration 'rimColor'
Register configuration 'design'
Register configuration 'designColor'
Register configuration 'vehicleType'
Game vehicle types loaded
Load mod: AAA_UniversalProcessKit (Version: 17.0.9)
Load mod: Agroservice (Version:
Load mod: AnimationMapDoorTrigger (Version: 1.0.3)
Warning: Missing l10n for button ANIMATION_KEY_1 in AnimationMapDoorTrigger
Warning: Missing l10n for button ANIMATION_KEY_2 in AnimationMapDoorTrigger
Load mod: ClaasLexion600_580 (Version: 1.0)
Load mod: ClaasXerion5000 (Version: 1.0)
Warning: Missing l10n for button INTERACTIVE_CONTROL_SWITCH in ClaasXerion5000
Load mod: CTI_8500_auto_Load (Version: 1.0)
Load mod: disableVehicleCameraCollision (Version:
Load mod: FBM17_Meiller_Kipper (Version:
Load mod: forage_Fabrik_mod_placeable_FS17 (Version: 1.0.0)
Load mod: FrontladerDreiPunkt (Version:
Load mod: FS17Contest_Annaburger_HTS_22_79_MultiLand (Version:
Load mod: FS17Contest_Rogedi (Version: 1.0)
Load mod: FS17Contest_SprayerAddon (Version:
Load mod: FS17_2Achs_Dolly_Select_design (Version:
Load mod: FS17_AdapterFL (Version: 1.0)
Load mod: FS17_ahwiFM700 (Version: 4.0)
Load mod: FS17_Amazone_48row (Version:
Load mod: FS17_AnimalTableManners (Version: 1.0)
Load mod: FS17_bagBrother (Version: 1.0)
Load mod: FS17_bagbrother_implement (Version: 1.0)
Load mod: FS17_BaleCounter (Version: 1)
Warning: Missing l10n for button reset in FS17_BaleCounter
Load mod: FS17_BsM_Semi_Bale_50000 (Version:
Load mod: FS17_BuyBales (Version:
Load mod: FS17_case735_farmlift (Version:
Load mod: FS17_CaseIHPumaCVXOld (Version:
Load mod: FS17_choppedStraw (Version:
Load mod: FS17_CLAAS_Axion_900 (Version:
Load mod: FS17_Claas_Lexion_780 (Version:
Warning: Missing l10n for button TOGGLE_HELP in FS17_Claas_Lexion_780
Load mod: FS17_Cotech_BXXL (Version:
Load mod: FS17_CoursePlay5 (Version: 5.01.00133)
Load mod: FS17_CSZ_set (Version:
Load mod: FS17_DCK_RoundBalerAutoUnload (Version:
Load mod: FS17_DrawMixerWagon (Version: 17.0.1)
Load mod: FS17_FENDT_900_SERIES_MR (Version: 1.2)
Load mod: FS17_ForRealModule02_TireDirt (Version:
Load mod: FS17_ForRealModule03_GroundResponse (Version:
Load mod: FS17_Frontloaderconsole_for_3_point (Version:
Load mod: FS17_FuelUsageDisplay (Version: 3.6.2)
Load mod: FS17_Fuhrmann4A56v1 (Version:
Load mod: FS17_Grasdorf_Wennekamp (Version:
Load mod: FS17_itRunnerSemitrailer (Version:
Load mod: FS17_JohnDeere6R_FBM (Version:
Load mod: FS17_JympaSJSeries (Version:
Load mod: FS17_kotteUniversalPack (Version:
Load mod: FS17_KroneBigXCargo (Version:
Load mod: FS17_KroneUltimaCF155XC (Version:
Load mod: FS17_M82_Trailer_UAL (Version:
Load mod: FS17_ManualCover (Version:
Load mod: FS17_MAN_TGS_HKL_10x10 (Version:
Load mod: FS17_MasseyFerguson6600 (Version:
Warning: Missing l10n for button SET_WARNING_SIGN in FS17_MasseyFerguson6600
Load mod: FS17_MeasureHelp (Version: 2.0)
Load mod: FS17_MF8700FarmerSteven (Version:
Warning: Missing l10n for button SET_DOOROPENER in FS17_MF8700FarmerSteven
Load mod: FS17_NewHolland_T8_Tuning (Version: 1.1.)
Load mod: FS17_New_Holland_Stoll (Version: 1.0.)
Load mod: FS17_Pallet_Extension (Version:
Load mod: FS17_PigfoodSilo_PCOnly (Version:
Load mod: FS17_pp20_Woodchips_Chaffjj (Version:
Load mod: FS17_Rake_Nadal_R90_Telescopic_Front (Version: 1.0)
Load mod: FS17_real_clock (Version: 1.0)
Load mod: FS17_ReckJumbo2 (Version:
Load mod: FS17_roewerEquipment_PC (Version: 1.0)
Load mod: FS17_SCANIA_V8_HKL_schienentrailer_by_Ap0lLo (Version:
Load mod: FS17_SpeedPlayer (Version:
Load mod: FS17_stoneGrip2400 (Version:
Load mod: FS17_StopMilkSale_1_0 (Version:
Load mod: FS17_Telehandler_To_WheelLoader_Adapter (Version:
Load mod: FS17_TreeMarker (Version: 1.0)
Load mod: FS17_Universal_Schaufel_T8 (Version:
Load mod: FS17_Ursus_1614_GRM (Version:
Warning: Missing l10n for button Gaz2 in FS17_Ursus_1614_GRM
Warning: Missing l10n for button Wajcha in FS17_Ursus_1614_GRM
Warning: Missing l10n for button Gaz in FS17_Ursus_1614_GRM
Warning: Missing l10n for button DrzwiP in FS17_Ursus_1614_GRM
Warning: Missing l10n for button KlamkaP in FS17_Ursus_1614_GRM
Warning: Missing l10n for button DrzwiL in FS17_Ursus_1614_GRM
Warning: Missing l10n for button KlamkaL in FS17_Ursus_1614_GRM
Warning: Missing l10n for button Szyba in FS17_Ursus_1614_GRM
Warning: Missing l10n for button Szyberdach in FS17_Ursus_1614_GRM
Warning: Missing l10n for button KlapkaMaski in FS17_Ursus_1614_GRM
Load mod: FS17_valtraTSeriesWREdition (Version:
Load mod: FSM_BednarProSeed_3 (Version: 1.0)
Load mod: Goldcrest_Valley_XXL_FARM_V_4_By_MC (Version: V4)
Load mod: GrimmeMultiPack (Version:
Load mod: headder100ftnew (Version:
Load mod: HorshTiger10LT_Plow (Version:
Load mod: HoT_Krone_Emsland (Version:
Load mod: HoT_WelgerAP730wc (Version: 1.0)
Load mod: JD7030SeriesV22FS17 (Version: 2.2)
Load mod: JohnDeere6RVersion3FL (Version: 3.0)
Warning: Missing l10n for button VarioGrip in JohnDeere6RVersion3FL
Load mod: JohnDeereFrontloader (Version: 0.95)
Load mod: Kemper390PlusPappeln (Version: 1.0)
Load mod: Kemper_cutter2020 (Version:
Load mod: krampeSB3060fff (Version: 1.6)
Load mod: KroneBigM500wide_V3_Eagle355th (Version:
Warning: Missing l10n for button wide in KroneBigM500wide_V3_Eagle355th
Load mod: Kugelkupplung (Version:
Load mod: LS17_New_Holland_LM742 (Version: 1.17)
Load mod: MAN_TGS_HKL_8x8_V1 (Version: 1.0.7)
Load mod: Maxtron620 (Version: 1.0)
Load mod: Metaltech_Trailer_Pack (Version:
Load mod: MoneyModLS17 (Version:
Load mod: NLD_aHelmerBV (Version: 2.4)
Load mod: NLD_aHelmerBV_75m3 (Version: 2.0)
Load mod: noCollisionCamera (Version: 17.0.3)
Load mod: PlayerCamera_ls17 (Version: 1.0)
Load mod: Scania_Plane_3Achser_Agroservice_Ost_West_UAL (Version: 1.1)
Error: invalid brand name 'AgroServiceOstWest'! Only capital letters allowed!
Load mod: Schmitz_CargoBull_by_Blackhammer (Version:
Load mod: Siloking72k (Version: 1.0)
Load mod: SOB_BigBags (Version: 1.1)
Load mod: StrautmannSZK802Plattform (Version:
Load mod: Suedhemmern_HolmerPack_Small (Version:
Load mod: Tatra4x4byMBPModding (Version:
Load mod: Tera_Vitesse_CFS_5201 (Version:
Load mod: terrafelis3 (Version:
Load mod: Ursus1614_tur_fin (Version:
Warning: Missing l10n for button Zetor_prave_dvere in Ursus1614_tur_fin
Warning: Missing l10n for button klamka in Ursus1614_tur_fin
Warning: Missing l10n for button Zetor_lave_dvere in Ursus1614_tur_fin
Warning: Missing l10n for button klamkal in Ursus1614_tur_fin
Warning: Missing l10n for button Zetor_zadne_okno in Ursus1614_tur_fin
Warning: Missing l10n for button Zetor_poklop in Ursus1614_tur_fin
Warning: Missing l10n for button front in Ursus1614_tur_fin
Warning: Missing l10n for button back in Ursus1614_tur_fin
Warning: Missing l10n for button kluczyk in Ursus1614_tur_fin
Warning: Missing l10n for button break in Ursus1614_tur_fin
Warning: Missing l10n for button kompresorr in Ursus1614_tur_fin
Warning: Missing l10n for button gazup in Ursus1614_tur_fin
Warning: Missing l10n for button gazdown in Ursus1614_tur_fin
Warning: Missing l10n for button TOGGLE_SHOW_HELP in Ursus1614_tur_fin
Load mod: US_Trailer_UAL (Version:
Load mod: Vall_Farmer_V3_Holmer_HR12_6_rang (Version: 3.0)
Load mod: Vall_Farmer_V3_Holmer_T4_30_Multifruits (Version: 3.0)
Load mod: Vall_Farmer_V3_Holmer_TerraFelis (Version:
Load mod: vrataTrigger (Version: 2.0)
Load mod: waterPumpStation (Version:
Load mod: ZZZ_FeedBales_FS17 (Version: 2.0)
Load mod: zzz_ZTS16245 (Version:
Warning: Missing l10n for button P1 in zzz_ZTS16245
Warning: Missing l10n for button P88 in zzz_ZTS16245
Warning: Missing l10n for button P3 in zzz_ZTS16245
Warning: Missing l10n for button P4 in zzz_ZTS16245
Warning (performance): Texture C:/Users/piotr/Documents/My Games/FarmingSimulator2017/mods/FS17_MAN_TGS_HKL_10x10/store.png raw format.
Warning (compatibility): Texture C:/Users/piotr/Documents/My Games/FarmingSimulator2017/mods/FS17_MAN_TGS_HKL_10x10/store.png width or height doesn't equal 2^n.
upk debug mode set to 1
Register vehicle type: ClaasLexion600_580.ClaasLexion600
Register vehicle type: ClaasLexion600_580.ClaasVarios
Register vehicle type: ClaasXerion5000.claas1
Register vehicle type: ClaasXerion5000.Barrel
Register vehicle type: CTI_8500_auto_Load.transportTrailerUAL
Register vehicle type: FBM17_Meiller_Kipper.meiller
Register vehicle type: FrontladerDreiPunkt.DreiPunkt
Register vehicle type: FS17_AdapterFL.fladapter
Register vehicle type: FS17_ahwiFM700.Woodgrinder
Register vehicle type: FS17_Amazone_48row.sowingMachine_animated
Register vehicle type: FS17_bagbrother_implement.bagbrotherHeavyLifter
Register vehicle type: FS17_bagbrother_implement.bagbrotherAttacher
Register vehicle type: FS17_case735_farmlift.case735
Register vehicle type: FS17_CaseIHPumaCVXOld.CasePumaCVX
Register vehicle type: FS17_CLAAS_Axion_900.claas
Register vehicle type: FS17_Claas_Lexion_780.combine_animated_crawler2
Register vehicle type: FS17_CSZ_set.adattatoreCSZ
Register vehicle type: FS17_CSZ_set.forcaRotoballe
Register vehicle type: FS17_CSZ_set.forcaPunteReclinabili
Register vehicle type: FS17_CSZ_set.forcaExtraElevazione
Register vehicle type: FS17_CSZ_set.pinzaMordente
Register vehicle type: FS17_CSZ_set.pinzaFasciati
Register vehicle type: FS17_CSZ_set.forcaPallet
Register vehicle type: FS17_CSZ_set.forcaPalletExtra
Register vehicle type: FS17_CSZ_set.forcaPalletTrattenitore
Register vehicle type: FS17_CSZ_set.pinzaTronchi
Register vehicle type: FS17_CSZ_set.pinzaTronchiExtra
Register vehicle type: FS17_CSZ_set.forcaLetame
Register vehicle type: FS17_CSZ_set.forcaPolivalente
Register vehicle type: FS17_CSZ_set.bennaGriglia
Register vehicle type: FS17_CSZ_set.bennaBietole
Register vehicle type: FS17_CSZ_set.bennaMultiusoL3000
Register vehicle type: FS17_CSZ_set.bennaMultiusoL4000
Register vehicle type: FS17_CSZ_set.bennaScaricoCentrale
Register vehicle type: FS17_CSZ_set.bennaTrattenitore
Register vehicle type: FS17_CSZ_set.bennaDesilatrice
Register vehicle type: FS17_CSZ_set.lamaDozer
Register vehicle type: FS17_CSZ_set.gancioSollevamento
Register vehicle type: FS17_CSZ_set.bilancinoSollevamento
Script loaded: BalerAutoUnload.lua (v1.1.0.24)
@ Register Variable: BaseMission.modDrawMixerWagons
Register vehicle type: FS17_FENDT_900_SERIES_MR.fendt
Register vehicle type: FS17_Grasdorf_Wennekamp.Grasdorf
Register vehicle type: FS17_JohnDeere6R_FBM.JohnDeere6RFBM
Register vehicle type: FS17_JympaSJSeries.JympaSJ
Register vehicle type: FS17_kotteUniversalPack.kotteUniversal
Register vehicle type: FS17_kotteUniversalPack.kotteUniversalOverload
Register vehicle type: FS17_kotteUniversalPack.kotteMilkBarrel
Register vehicle type: FS17_kotteUniversalPack.kotteMilkBarrelOverload
Register vehicle type: FS17_kotteUniversalPack.kotteUniversal_mst
Register vehicle type: FS17_kotteUniversalPack.kotteUniversal_mstOverload
Register vehicle type: FS17_kotteUniversalPack.kotteUniFuel
Register vehicle type: FS17_kotteUniversalPack.kotteUniversal_hookLift
Register vehicle type: FS17_kotteUniversalPack.kotteUniversal_hookLiftOverload
Register vehicle type: FS17_kotteUniversalPack.kotteUniversal_man
Register vehicle type: FS17_kotteUniversalPack.kotteUniversal_manOverload
Register vehicle type: FS17_kotteUniversalPack.kotteUniversalTank
Register vehicle type: FS17_KroneBigXCargo.BigX
Register configuration 'refillNetRoles'
Register configuration 'refillFoilRoles'
Register vehicle type: FS17_KroneUltimaCF155XC.KroneUltimaCF155XC
Register vehicle type: FS17_KroneUltimaCF155XC.netRolePallet
Register vehicle type: FS17_KroneUltimaCF155XC.PalletFoilCartons
Register vehicle type: FS17_M82_Trailer_UAL.M82Trailer
Register vehicle type: FS17_MAN_TGS_HKL_10x10.DAF
Register vehicle type: FS17_MasseyFerguson6600.MF7700
Register vehicle type: FS17_MF8700FarmerSteven.MF8700
++ loading BuyOnSiloTriggers V - 08.02.2017 (by Blacky_BPG)
Register vehicle type: FS17_ReckJumbo2.ReckJumbo2
Register vehicle type: FS17_roewerEquipment_PC.implement_cylindered
Register vehicle type: FS17_roewerEquipment_PC.implement_configuratableMass
Register vehicle type: FS17_roewerEquipment_PC.leveler_configuratableMass
Register vehicle type: FS17_roewerEquipment_PC.silageDistributor
Register vehicle type: FS17_SCANIA_V8_HKL_schienentrailer_by_Ap0lLo.DAF
Register vehicle type: FS17_SCANIA_V8_HKL_schienentrailer_by_Ap0lLo.lowbody
--- Loading Speed-Player v2.0.0.0
Register vehicle type: FS17_Ursus_1614_GRM.1614
Register vehicle type: FS17Contest_Annaburger_HTS_22_79_MultiLand.baseTransporter
Register vehicle type: FS17Contest_Annaburger_HTS_22_79_MultiLand.tipperSuperstructure
Register vehicle type: FS17Contest_Annaburger_HTS_22_79_MultiLand.barellSuperstructure
Register vehicle type: FS17Contest_Rogedi.Rogedi
--- registering SprayerAddon by Silas770
++ loading Digital Storage Amount Mover V - 08.11.2016 (by Blacky_BPG)
\__ Register fillType: 'compost' (compost) [key 52]
\___ Register sprayType: 'compost'
\____ Add sprayType: 'compost' to category: 'FILLTYPE_CATEGORY_MANURESPREADER' [key 10]
\_____ Register heap for: 'compost'
Script PalettenSammler v3.0.1-107b by Marhu loaded! Support on http://marhu.net
AdditionalMapTypes v1.0.0.8: \__ AdditionalMapTypes V1.0.0.8 by Blacksheep - RC-Devil from 18 Januar 2017 is loading
AdditionalMapTypes v1.0.0.8: \__ AdditionalMapTypes V1.0.0.8 by Blacksheep - RC-Devil from 18 Januar 2017 was loaded successful
[INFORMATION! ---- The newFillTypes Script is only for Placeable Mods allowed, the Script is Only for Used in Placeable Mods! ----]
++ loading ManualBarrier V - 10.04.2017 (by Blacky_BPG)
Register vehicle type: GrimmeMultiPack.attachableCombine
Register vehicle type: HoT_Krone_Emsland.Ballengitterwagen
Register vehicle type: HoT_WelgerAP730wc.WelgerAP730wc
Register vehicle type: HoT_WelgerAP730wc.WelgerAP730
Register vehicle type: JD7030SeriesV22FS17.JohnDeere7930v22
Register vehicle type: JohnDeere6RVersion3FL.JohnDeere_6R
Register vehicle type: KroneBigM500wide_V3_Eagle355th.M500wide
Register vehicle type: MAN_TGS_HKL_8x8_V1.MAN_TGS_8x8_HKL
aHelmerBV by NLD Farmers - http://www.nld-farmers.nl
Register vehicle type: NLD_aHelmerBV.MAN
Register vehicle type: NLD_aHelmerBV.ahelmertrailer
aHelmerBV_75m3 by NLD Farmers - http://www.nld-farmers.nl
Register vehicle type: NLD_aHelmerBV_75m3.MAN
noCollisionCamera v17.0.3 by Heady - http://www.planet-ls.de
Loaded: PlayerCamera
Register vehicle type: Scania_Plane_3Achser_Agroservice_Ost_West_UAL.scania
Warning: Invalid brand name 'Agro Service Ost West' in C:/Users/piotr/Documents/My Games/FarmingSimulator2017/mods/Scania_Plane_3Achser_Agroservice_Ost_West_UAL/scaniaR730new.xml! Only capital letters and underscores allowed. Using Lizard instead.
Register vehicle type: Schmitz_CargoBull_by_Blackhammer.Schmitz_SCS
Register vehicle type: Schmitz_CargoBull_by_Blackhammer.Schmitz_SKO
Register vehicle type: Schmitz_CargoBull_by_Blackhammer.Schmitz_SFS
Register vehicle type: Suedhemmern_HolmerPack_Small.augerWagon_foldable
Register vehicle type: Suedhemmern_HolmerPack_Small.tractor_crabSteering
Register vehicle type: Suedhemmern_HolmerPack_Small.TerraDosT440S
Error: Invalid 4-vector '0.053 0.087 0.024 1 0.294 0.294 0.294 1'
Error: Invalid color string '0.053 0.087 0.024 1 0.294 0.294 0.294 1'
controlI3DAnim v1.22
@author Sven777b
Anpassung auf Farming-Simulator17 by http://www.fire-technology.de
Register vehicle type: Ursus1614_tur_fin.Ursus1614
Register vehicle type: US_Trailer_UAL.transportTrailerUAL
Register vehicle type: Vall_Farmer_V3_Holmer_HR12_6_rang.holmerTerraDosT4
Register vehicle type: Vall_Farmer_V3_Holmer_T4_30_Multifruits.holmerTerraDosT4
Register vehicle type: Vall_Farmer_V3_Holmer_TerraFelis.augerWagon_foldable
Register vehicle type: Vall_Farmer_V3_Holmer_TerraFelis.tractor_crabSteering
Register vehicle type: Vall_Farmer_V3_Holmer_TerraFelis.holmerTerraFelis2ME
MapMOD: vrataTrigger loaded
--- loading BaleFeed-Mod V2.0 (by AABRK) ---
Register vehicle type: zzz_ZTS16245.Ursus914NM
dataS/cameraPath01.i3d (0.15) ms
dataS/cameraPath02.i3d (0.12) ms
dataS/cameraPath03.i3d (0.09) ms
data/sky/skyUS_day_night.i3d (229.90) ms
data/sky/rain.i3d (26.75) ms
data/sky/hail.i3d (12.66) ms
data/sky/dust.i3d (15.79) ms
C:/Users/piotr/Documents/My Games/FarmingSimulator2017/mods/Goldcrest_Valley_XXL_FARM_V_4_By_MC/maps/map01.i3d (27252.51) ms
data/objects/basketball/basketball.i3d (74.22) ms
FabrikScript v2.1.8.1: FabrikScript.onCreate(60929) load Fabrik
FabrikScript v2.1.8.1: FabrikScript.onCreate(61148) load Raffinerie
FabrikScript v2.1.8.1: FabrikScript.onCreate(63495) load Fertilizer
FabrikScript v2.1.8.1: FabrikScript.onCreate(63627) load Seeds
FabrikScript v2.1.8.1: FabrikScript.onCreate(63762) load liquidFertilizer
FabrikScript v2.1.8.1: FabrikScript.onCreate(63885) load liquidFertilizerLager
FabrikScript v2.1.8.1: FabrikScript.onCreate(64019) load Diesellager
FabrikScript v2.1.8.1: FabrikScript.onCreate(64161) load OsternEi
FabrikScript v2.1.8.1: FabrikScript.onCreate(69671) load FertilizerLager
FabrikScript v2.1.8.1: FabrikScript.onCreate(69764) load Saatgut
FabrikScript v2.1.8.1: FabrikScript.onCreate(69927) load Schweinefutterstation
FabrikScript v2.1.8.1: FabrikScript.onCreate(79664) load Mischfutterstation
FabrikScript v2.1.8.1: FabrikScript.onCreate(79917) load Fermenter
FabrikScript v2.1.8.1: FabrikScript.onCreate(80031) load compostMaster2k17
FabrikScript v2.1.8.1: FabrikScript.onCreate(81066) load slurryStorage
FabrikScript v2.1.8.1: FabrikScript.onCreate(81142) load slurryStorage2
FabrikScript v2.1.8.1: FabrikScript.onCreate(81829) load Holzhacker
C:/Users/piotr/Documents/My Games/FarmingSimulator2017/mods/Goldcrest_Valley_XXL_FARM_V_4_By_MC/maps/AniTiere/dog/dog.i3d (20.38) ms
C:/Users/piotr/Documents/My Games/FarmingSimulator2017/mods/Goldcrest_Valley_XXL_FARM_V_4_By_MC/maps/AniTiere/cat/cat.i3d (29.13) ms
FabrikScript v2.1.8.1: FabrikScript.onCreate(83476) load Molkerei
FabrikScript v2.1.8.1: FabrikScript.onCreate(84317) load Palletwerk
FabrikScript v2.1.8.1: FabrikScript.onCreate(84507) load Kartonfabrik
FabrikScript v2.1.8.1: FabrikScript.onCreate(85060) load FabrikErdbeeren
FabrikScript v2.1.8.1: FabrikScript.onCreate(85600) load Fabrikhimbeeren
FabrikScript v2.1.8.1: FabrikScript.onCreate(86077) load FabrikredCurrants
FabrikScript v2.1.8.1: FabrikScript.onCreate(86477) load ZuckerFabrik
FabrikScript v2.1.8.1: FabrikScript.onCreate(86838) load Lager6
FabrikScript v2.1.8.1: FabrikScript.onCreate(87224) load Molkerei2
FabrikScript v2.1.8.1: FabrikScript.onCreate(89068) load Lager
FabrikScript v2.1.8.1: FabrikScript.onCreate(89405) load Lager2
FabrikScript v2.1.8.1: FabrikScript.onCreate(89804) load Lager3
FabrikScript v2.1.8.1: FabrikScript.onCreate(90204) load Lager4
FabrikScript v2.1.8.1: FabrikScript.onCreate(90612) load Lager5
FabrikScript v2.1.8.1: FabrikScript.onCreate(91444) load Intermediate_storage_pig
FabrikScript v2.1.8.1: FabrikScript.onCreate(91552) load Intermediate_storage_sheep
FabrikScript v2.1.8.1: FabrikScript.onCreate(91662) load Schlachterei
UniversalProcessKit 17.0.9 loaded
Teaching animals table manners...
...sheep - manners taught
...pig - manners taught
...cow - manners taught
Animals now eat with their mouths shut!
-- registering bale counter specialization
adding bale counter to baler
adding bale counter to HoT_WelgerAP730wc.WelgerAP730
adding bale counter to HoT_WelgerAP730wc.WelgerAP730wc
*** ChoppedStraw v1.0.0.7 | register specialization
*** ChoppedStraw v1.0.0.7 | specialization added to 11 vehicle types
@ register spec DrawMixerWagon v17.0.1 by Heady - http://www.planet-ls.de
C:/Users/piotr/Documents/My Games/FarmingSimulator2017/mods/FS17_kotteUniversalPack/materials/unloadingEffects.i3d (513.43) ms
MaterialHolder for Kotte Universal loaded successfull!
MaterialType fluid registered successfull!
*** ManualCover v1.0.0.0 specialization loading ***
C:/Users/piotr/Documents/My Games/FarmingSimulator2017/mods/Goldcrest_Valley_XXL_FARM_V_4_By_MC/fillPlanes/materialHolder.i3d (59.32) ms
MaterialHolder for CompostMaster placeable loaded successfull!
Disabled withering
*** ChoppedStraw v1.0.0.7 | loading straw types
*** ChoppedStraw v1.0.0.7 | fertilizing fruittypes: triticale barley wheat rape sunflower spelt maize oat millet hops rye soybean
*** ChoppedStraw v1.0.0.7 | loaded 4 straw types
C:/Users/piotr/Documents/My Games/FarmingSimulator2017/mods/LS17_New_Holland_LM742/newHollandLM742.i3d (548.71) ms
C:/Users/piotr/Documents/My Games/FarmingSimulator2017/mods/FS17_CSZ_set/filename/forcaExtraElevazione.i3d (93.90) ms
data/vehicles/tools/magsi/telehandlerFork.i3d (164.60) ms
C:/Users/piotr/Documents/My Games/FarmingSimulator2017/mods/FS17_CSZ_set/filename/forcaPalletExtra.i3d (27.43) ms
C:/Users/piotr/Documents/My Games/FarmingSimulator2017/mods/FS17_CSZ_set/filename/forcaPolivalente.i3d (76.87) ms
C:/Users/piotr/Documents/My Games/FarmingSimulator2017/mods/FS17_2Achs_Dolly_Select_design/DollyD1.i3d (249.89) ms
C:/Users/piotr/Documents/My Games/FarmingSimulator2017/mods/FS17_M82_Trailer_UAL/M82Trailer.i3d (192.47) ms
C:/Users/piotr/Documents/My Games/FarmingSimulator2017/mods/FS17_kotteUniversalPack/kotteUni_small.i3d (556.08) ms
C:/Users/piotr/Documents/My Games/FarmingSimulator2017/mods/FS17_KroneUltimaCF155XC/kroneUltimaCF155XC/KroneUltimaCF155XC.i3d (368.95) ms
Error: Running LUA method 'loadSharedI3DFileFinished'.
C:/Users/piotr/Documents/My Games/FarmingSimulator2017/mods/FS17_KroneUltimaCF155XC/specializations/Ultima.lua:1558: attempt to index field 'balerCurrentBale' (a nil value)
Application exit request forced.
Application exit request forced.
http://farming-simulator.pl/showthread.php?tid=7679 zamiast pisać nowy wątek to można było poszukać czy podobny problem był/jest poruszany. Ruszcie głową i zacznijcie szukać...
No to jedziemy, gnębić podpadziochów!
jakos mi nie pomogło
Usuń mody których nie używasz, a na pewno takie masz. Zobacz czy bez modów będzie ok. Potem wrzucaj po kilka i sprawdzaj - dużo roboty ale łatwo znaleźć co z czym gryzie.
Taka tam sobie reklama.
Sprawdź czy problem pozostanie po usunięciu z modów Ultimy.
"Dajcie Polakom rządzić, a sami się wykończą" - Otto von Bismarck
[Obrazek: fsscreen_2018_06_05_2ibxsw.png]
Wygląda na to jak byś miał pamięci za mało

Error: Running LUA method 'loadSharedI3DFileFinished'.

Prawdopodobnie jeden z modów albo kilka powoduje ten błąd zatkania pamięci
a jak to usunac lub zdjagnozowac
Proszę może znajdziesz tu rozwiązanie


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